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Z’EV / IL BUE “No Audience”

by Z'EV and IL BUE


EFTO79 | Z'EV / IL BUE "No Audience"
LTD 100 Copies - CD

Produced by : Escape from Today

Release date : MARCH 2018

Track Listing :

01. No Audience

Based on the recordings of a live performance then edited, deconstructed and reconstructed in the studio, No Audience" documents the sonic interaction between Marco Schiavo (aka Il Bue, founding member of the experimental cult band Larsen) and the legendary musician, percussionist, artist, writer and poet Z'EV and marks their second collaboration since the "In V.Tro" project - album and concerts - by Larsen & Z'EV.

Co-produced by Bue and his Larsen bandmate, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, "No Audience" is an alchemical suite born from the dialogue between Z'EV's electronics, samples and digital drums rhythmical constructs and the melodic- ambient textures of Bue's acoustic percussion as well as a tribute to a lost friend and musical genius.

Z'EV (February 8, 1951 – December 16, 2017)