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TREEHORN “Golden Lapse” + CANI SCIORRI "Ten Tacos and One Burrito"


20.00 / On Sale

EFT085 | TREEHORN “Golden Lapse”
LTD 300 copies lp 12″ on black vinyl + screen printed poster + download card

Track Listing:
1. The Recall Drug
2. Virgo Not Virgin
3. The Same Reverse
4. Onlooker
5. Hell And His Brothers
6. A Shining Gift
7. Damn Plan
8. Modigliani
9. Lapse
10. Coward Icons

October 27, 2019

Produced by Manuel Volpe and Treehorn.

Engineered and Mixed by Manuel Volpe at Rubedo Recordings Studio.

Additional studio assitance by Simone Pozzi and Ivan Pellegrinelli.

Mastered by Enrico Baraldi at Waiting Room Audio.

Graphics and Layouts by Daniele La Placa.

All songs by Treehorn. All happened in spring 2019.


EFT086 | CANI SCIORRI "Ten Tacos and One Burrito"
LTD 300 copies lp 12″ on black vinyl

Track Listing:
1. Cerco Pace
2. Cose
3. Cugina Puttana
4. Pezzo Pesante
5. Non So
6. Gusto Intimo
7. La Luna
8. Non mi avrete mai

December 13, 2019

Recorded and Mixed by Eddie Rivas @ Total Annihilation Studio, Los Angeles CA.

Matering by Matt Lynch @ Mysterious Mammal Recording, Los Angeles CA.