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S.O.A.B. "Soabology"

by S.O.A.B.


EFT070 | S.O.A.B. “Soabology”
300 copies lp 12″ + download card
150 on red vinyl, 150 on black vinyl

Produced by: Escape From Today, Go Down

released 4 March 2016

Track Listing:
2.Dust in throat
3.The bridge is bending down
5.Wheels on fire
6.Loneliness of broken riders
7.Where are we going??

All songs performed by S.O.A.B.
Musics: written by S.O.A.B.
Lyrics: written by Marcello
Percussions on ìInterludeî by Danilo Battocchio and Tony R’n'R

Recorded by Danilo Battocchio at Audiomama, Torino (IT) and Deepest Sea, Torino (IT)
Mixed by Danilo Battocchio at Deepest Sea, Torino (IT)
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room, Chicago, Il. (U.S.A.)

Photo by Andrea Mazzon
Artwork by Dani Gore
Front Cover by Dani Gore