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MR. OCCHIO "Hard boiled" Vinyl LP


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I’m just a dirty thrash blues one man band. ’cause nobody wanna play whit me no more. I dont have prejudice…i hate everibody! drummers suck! guitar player suck!bass player suck! one man band is a little individual disease.

Guitar bassdrum, snare, hi hat, maracas, cimbals, tamborine, harp, kazoo are performed simultaneously by Mr. Occhio.

Produced by : escape from today, pescesiluro, sonatine, burning sound, jacob

Realease date : December 2010

*Buscaglione / Chiosso ** Mogol / Battisti

Track Listing :

01.Dice di amarmi
02.Palline di gelato
03.La dance du canapè
04.Guarda che luna*
05.Ossa rotte
06.Croque Mort
07.Mama don’t allow
08.Lei mi tratta male
09.Hanki Panki
10.Super Market**
11.You got to move